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Raising funds in the community to provide advice on Cancer, Dementia and other long term illnesses For    Rutland-In    Rutland    is    an    organisation    raising    funds    in    the community   to   provide   advice   on   Cancer,   Dementia   and   other   long   term illnesses.   FR-IR   was   launched   at   the   Rutland   County   Show   in   June,   as the   President’s   Charity   for   2014   and   is   the   chosen   charity   for   this year’s   Mayor   of   Oakham,   Cllr Jayne Woodcock.   The steering   group   involved   includes Elizabeth   Mills   and   Trish   Ruddle   as   Fundraisers,   John   Ross   Aylward   (Rutland   and   Melton Cancer   Support   Group)   Jim Bolton   (The Karen   Ball   Fund)   Margaret   Demaine   (Dementia Friends)   along   with   two   representatives   from   the   Rutland   Citizen’s   Advice   Bureau   –   all people   passionate   about   Rutland   and   what   goes   on   in   Rutland   and   the   surrounding Community. The   first   priority   is   to   raise   money   for   the   Rutland   Wellbeing   Partnership   based   at Rutland   CAB,   which   is   based   here   in   Rutland   on   the   main   street   of   Oakham.   It   offers   an advice   and   information   service   to   meet   the   needs   of   those   in   our   community   who   suffer, or care for, people suffering from Cancer, Dementia and other long term illnesses.   The   service   offers   tailored,   individual   support   to   clients   on   a   range   of   issues.   Depending on   circumstances,   the   advisor   may   be   able   to   assist   with   housing   costs,   council   tax
CAB Registered Charity No: 1107907
exemption, and transport and hospital car parking charges. As   they   are   based   in   Oakham   (Julie   Emberton   at   the   Rutland   Citizens   Advice   Bureau   -   01572   757 420) advice can be given without having to leave the County. During   the   first   6   months   of   the   project,   she   was   able   to   secure   £146,748   for   clients   –   either   through benefit   gain   or   grant   funding,   to   help   patients   or   their   carers   relieve   the   financial   consequences   of their illnesses. There   is   no   need   for   patients   and   carers   to   cope   alone   by   storing   up   medical   and   financial   worries   for themselves.      The   Rutland   Wellbeing   Partnership,   funded   by   For   Rutland-In   Rutland,   has   many   confidential connections which will enable satisfactory answers to the majority of patient’s problems. For Rutland-In Rutland knows where all our money goes and how it is spent. If   you   would   like   anymore   information   on   the   charity   or   would   like   to   raise   funds   in   someway,   please contact   Trish   Ruddle   on   01572   724400   or   Elizabeth   Mills   on   01572   723   777.   However,   if   you   need   advice   or information on the service available please contact Julie Emberton on 01572 757 420 . For Rutland - In Rutland, Future Events
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