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Langham Lookout

Are you in the know about Langham? We are fortunate to have a bimonthly Langham news and an informative village website which do a great job, but at the annual parish meeting in May 2013, many residents agreed that we need to find a way of alerting people to urgent issues that could significantly affect our parish. In 2012 we acted collectively to object to the plans for an anaerobic digester and other issues affecting planning are certain to arise. It’s our village and surroundings and we want to give everyone the opportunity to stay updated and have their say. To do this, a group of residents have formed Langham Lookout Whilst we could alert you by distributing occasional leaflets, please help us be more efficient and save the parish money by simply visiting our new website and following the prompts to sign up for email alerts today. Please be assured that we will not share your details with anyone else and you will only receive occasional alerts. If you are unable to receive email, we will continue to distribute leaflets to your home. We look forward to keeping you in the know about urgent issues that may affect our parish. Let’s help ensure our parish develops the way we all want it to!