The Golden Jubilee
Langham in Rutland
"I remember the Golden Jubilee when I had to stand outside of my school and sing" "Starting school and meeting my friends" "In 2009/2010 worked with Prince Edward at Windsor Castle. Had a wonderful time and met some fantastic, interesting people" "William and James Henry were born in Langham and have lived here all their lives" "We spent our courting years in Rutland, then moved around with the RAF. Never thought we’d be able to buy a house in Langham in 1979. So glad we did!" "Our family memory is marrying in the church then baptising our two boys there" "Moving to Oakham from Wirral 1985, 21 years old, when the Crown Hotel was owned by Mrs Bourne and Mrs Hall. Sunny day and the lunchtime drinkers spilled out of the George Hotel onto the street. Fell in love with Rutland. Worked at the Crown Hotel until it closed." "When the Queen was born" "Moved to Langham 1971 from Whissendine. Remember the day when Langham Brewery was demolished and replaced by houses"
"The Wagners!!" "I watched the Coronation on a small black and white TV in the Hospital Board Room. Missed the crowning to look after a patient" "Exploring a massive leaf pit" "Lost my first tooth during the Coronation" "I remember coming to this village exactly 2 years ago on June 2nd" "Memories of Bonfire night parties in the 1960s in Lady Ruddle’s field, Ashwell Road when WI cooked soup and hot dogs in our kitchen and back yard to serve large crowds" "My memory is of meeting the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, at the opening of the University of Lincoln Engineering Hub in 2012" "Going to see the Queen in Doncaster with my Dad for her Silver Jubilee" "A pint of real Ruddles ale" "Getting a new puppy in November 2011" "I remember when my mum asked me to help with a bird that the cat had brought in. And then she pushed me over. I was OK" "A memory of a new ‘Langhamite’.  Me and my family came to Langham exactly two years ago. We had come from Sherwood Forest. My over-riding memory begins on our first morning here. I stood (in my dressing-gown) at 6am; cup of tea in hand, and looking  out of our back door across the green. It was a sunny morning and the birds were singing. I was surprised by an early morning jogger who waved and said “Good morning” – not what I expected at all! We had come from a very reserved community who did not openly show friendship. Since that morning we have made many friends in Langham and I am proud to be part of village life. Langham is open, loving and welcoming to all. Thank you for making us part of it" "I got a Jubilee bear and it is lovely" "Not a happy one. The fire at Windsor Castle. I had to transport tonnes of specialist mortar and plaster for the rebuild" "3/6/52 – this day was my 22nd birthday and I was making arrangements for my wedding in July" "I remember the street party we had for the Silver Jubilee. The whole street turned out – loads of paste sandwiches and jelly. Sure this will be just as good" "The first time I saw TV was King George’s funeral. I was most unimpressed as all I could see were the arches of Westminster Abbey which kept going squiffy. There was no action!" "Kate and William’s wedding 2011" "Standing outside Oakham Railway Station, waving as the Queen went by" "I love my wife" "Remembering Lady Ruddle – such an indomitable person and a real driving spirit in the village. She got everyone doing something – if they wanted to or not!" "Not a memory about the Queen, but one of love and joy, and that was moving to the village with the people I love with all my heart" "Fun with the wangers – girls from cricket" "On Coronation Day we were the only ones in the family to have a TV. We cleared the sitting room and crammed in to watch the Queen’s Coronation, In the evening , walked along the Prom in Brighton" "I remember when I was younger going on my bike in Langham" "I only arrived from Canada on 2nd June 2012 to visit my daughter and her family and in time to celebrate the Jubilee. It was lovely; services at Oakham and Langham and am so happy to be HOME" "The day Princess Diana died. August 1997" "I was nearly ten when Kate and Will got married and we parties till late" "As fairly new to Langham, I was thrilled when Val asked our daughter and friend to be handkerchief sellers at the Fete" "In memory of all our loved ones in the family who are not able to share in the celebrations" "My thoughts were with you all on Sunday. I was at home... thinking how much M would have enjoyed every minute of all that was happening" "I remember being born here in Langham" "In 1977 we celebrated the silver Jubilee in Oslo, Norway – it poured with rain so we had a Rule Britannia Party inside" "I came to Langham for some peace and quiet – but then I met P!!" "I remember the Queen driving past my school when I was a teenager. Before she arrived we all were a little uninterested because we were at that age but when she arrived it was amazing. She brought such a presence that we all waved with such excitement and praise. I shall never forget that day" "Langham is special. My Mum and Dad... lived here for many years, loved Langham village and church" "Born and bred in Oakham. Happy memories of shopping for my grandma who lived on Dean Street. Approx 1965, shopping list: 20 Park Drive, bag of sugar and, most importantly, fetching bread from Poulton’s Bakery" "My memory is when me, Evie, Georgia, Antonia, Bethany, Shara, Eloise, Tegan, Hannah, Rebecca, Izzy, Kiera, Emily, Brooke and Nayana won the Dancing Competition in Melton and now will go on to dance at Cambridge" "Having three of my five grand-children born here. So very welcome" "My memories cover many years as I was born here, christened here, confirmed and married here in this church. I have always been interested in music and had music/piano lessons with Miss Lee who was the church organist for many years. I was allowed to join the choir when I was 13 years old and can remember wearing a brown coat and beret to match. It was very exciting when we eventually became a robed choir – the men were already wearing surplices and cassocks. Our gowns were blue with black around the neck and blue hats. Choir practice was on Fridays. This was a special memory for me which I give thanks for the opportunity to praise God through music and well as prayer in this lovely church" "I remember the Coronation. I was 5 years old. All the neighbours came in to watch our TV which my father had made from a kit. He also made a caravan from recycled bits in which we would holiday in Cornwall. Travelling from South Wales to Rinsey Bay must have taken a long time" "I remember joining the village 20 years ago. I have now been living here half my life and have now had a baby boy" "Standing on my Dad’s shoulders in the Mall in 1977, waving at the Queen during the Silver Jubilee in a heat-wave, with a broken arm in plaster" "In the bad winter of 1963 I was 7 years old and we made a big slide on the Rifle Range (now ‘The Range’)" "Always wanting to walk down Langham church path to be married – took me 43 years to achieve it!" "I was 8 years old when the Queen was crowned. We lived in a street in the north of Portsmouth. There were about 20 houses but only one had a TV set. Nearly all the people in the street crammed into their lounge/dining room – children in the front on the floor, adults seated in rows behind – and watched the Coronation. The TV set was very big but the screen was only 12 inches diagonally!!" "Fond memory of the birth of my daughter 2005" "Jubilee 1977 Street Party, Formby, Liverpool. A fabulous day. I was 9. I wore my denim jacket and trousers, home-made, and my Wombles T shirt" "I remember moving to Langham six months ago when I was twelve" "Silver Jubilee. 3 little girls, 7,5,3 dressed as 3 blind mice for the village street party, brown tights stuffed with newspaper as tails. We won!" "Starting school and having fun all the way through the years and meeting new friends" "The birth of my first daughter P Oct 16 1970" "I love my kids" "My first memory of Langham was May 1974 looking at the overgrown garden of the house we bought. Waist high grass and a magnificent russet apple tree covered in pink blossom. We’ve been very happy here." "Man United winning the 2008 Champions League" "My happiest memories are of building sandcastles and jumping waves with my 3 gorgeous children at Holkham  Beach" "Langham is a good community – so many friends and too many memories to recall from 36 happy years here" "We moved to Langham on 26th June 2002. On Sunday 29th we went to church where a certain lady found out I could switch on a computer. I was immediately declared as Treasurer elect of the Village Hall – the beginning of a 9 year association that only ended when the vicar Jay Ridley retired on 31st Jan 2011. I was a lay minister of the C of E and ended up with a lot to do during the vacancy" "I love the coronation" "1986 met my best friend P. Liked her so much I married her and moved house to Langham" "I remember holding both my children for the first time - 1989 and 1992" "I visited Langham church on 9th June, my birthday, with my dearest and loveliest K" "Getting the smallest Jack Russell ever. Tilly!!" "We have been living in Langham for 10 years in February 2012 and I love living here" "Growing up in the 1950s I remember: itchy woolly vests; fluffy boleros; Sunday best clothes; swimsuits that sagged; swapping scraps, walking everywhere or being on the seat on my Dad’s bike" "Dressing up as a Queen’s guard (complete with Busby hat) as a 3 year old at the Silver Jubilee" "I remember bringing my children back home to Langham, like a big extended home, when they had just been born" "Best decision was to move here in 2006. Lovely village and people. Beats Bracknell!!!" "I remember 1977 Jubilee party. I was 7 and I stayed up until midnight" "We were guests at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party on one of the hottest days of the summer of 1981" "England win RWC 2003 vs Australia – Happy Days!" "Born and bred southerner for 40 years. Home is now Langham and I love it! " "I remember long hot summer school holidays, leaving Yew Tree Farm with sandwiches and a drink, usually along with sheepdog Jock, watching the harvesters (probably getting in the way), falling in the brook and coming home in the evening, hot happy and grubby!" "6/2/52 King George VI died. It was my brother’s birthday and my mum cancelled his birthday party" "2 June 1953, watching the Coronation on a 12” black and white TV with about 40 neighbours in a small room. Magical memory – I was 15" "9 yrs of age, celebrating the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in my parents’ back garden with all our neighbours at Mum and Dad’s street party" "Remembering when I was about 10, my father tearing up tickets for the circus that he had bought because my brother and I had damaged his shed. I was devastated – but I forgave him!" "I remember riding my first motor bike with my brother E. We travelled to Market Harborough and had frothy coffee at the cafe and listened to the juke box" "I remember 20 years ago, coming to the Black Horse, with my friend who lived in Whissendine. We walked around the village and thought how lovely it was. I lived in Leicester at the time. Our circumstances changed and eventually we moved here 16 years ago." "Eating gooey cakes" "When I saw the Queen in assembly" "When the Queen, who was actually Mrs L was fun" "I remember watching the Coronation on a family friend’s TV. It had such a small screen but there was a room full of people and we all had a wonderful time. I was six and a half at the time" "Being part of the team that came 2nd in the 1975 Le Mans 24 hour race" "My Mum and Dad came to Langham from Wales to be close to us all in their twilight years. I miss them both and have wonderful memories of them" "I think the best time is the Queen’s Coronation. The best memory" "I was on King George’s steps in the Mall as an 18 year old student. Very cold and wet" "Silver Jubilee. I was 7 and dressed as a washerwoman for a last minute fancy dress (good old Mum). Came second but the judge thought I was a girl and said I would have got first if he had known I was a boy. God Save the Queen. Punk’s not dead!" "This (memory) tree was a retirement present in 2007 – last winter killed it off" "Langham 1955 – 2012 Lots of good memories  Any amount of fun   No cross words with anyone    Great village to live in     Happiness all the way      All people here are great       Marvellous times"